Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Journey to Professional Publication

So, after years and years of practicing writing, receiving countless rejections of which some were excessively harsh, my determination and hard work have finally paid off. My short stories, “The Bow of Murmured Voices” and “Those That Stay,” have been published in the Hell’s Bells anthology and I have finally become a paid writer.
The industry is tough. It has always been, but I doubt it has ever been this tough. One only has to take a look at a dozen online literary publications to see the amount of talent and competition out there.
There are hundreds of millions of writers, some of which have BAs, MAs, or MFAs. Sometimes they have two or all three degrees. As someone with a meager education in writing, I found this very intimidating. I even believed that in order to become a writer, a degree was required, and I almost gave up on my dream. Luckily I am a persistent and determined bastard!
I would advise anyone not to give up, no matter the circumstances. Hard work does pay off, and dreams do come true. The journey for me has been long, eight years in the making, and you can read about most of it over here:
As for the anthology, you can visit my Amazon author page to purchase your very own copy! For more information, date of availability, or to contact the editor, I have included all of the information below.
Hell's Bells Book Cover.jpg
Hell’s Bells: Wicked Tunes, Mad Musicians and Cursed Instruments

Mozart finds an unexpected ally in Hell…
A belly dancer’s bargain leads to shocking results…
Pagan rituals endure in an out-of-the-way church…
In Hells Bells, thirteen talented writers lure you closer with stories of music that seduce, intrigue and hold you fast.
Featuring stories by Rayne Hall, Jonathan Broughton, Bruce Memblatt, April Grey, Tracie McBride, Jake T.S. Wryte, Phillip T. Stephens, Mitch Sebourn, Charie D. La Marr, V. Peter Collins, Oliver Baer, Pamela Walker and Pamela Turner.

Contact: Lafcadio Press/Avril Dannenbaum,, for review copies and authors’ bios.
Published by Lafcadio Press December 2017
Now Available at Barnes and Nobles and other books sellers
Available at Amazon Books December 6th, 2017

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